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environments vital. given the present political move, people are open to new ideas. that is true across the country. our burners are being asked to come into centers of various cities for aetna. -- right now. whehowever, as soon as things gt better, they are escorted out. but we might begin to break that cycle. it is just wonderful to walk out on the street and see the world walking by. >> are you giving the twitter deal? >> yes, we are. we just founded a new nonprofit. black rock arts foundation, which is dedicated to spreading interactive, a collaborative art throughout the world. now we have founded but we call the burning and project. -- what we call the burning man project. it eventually leads to the event itself. this is a wonderful opportunity. the thing about burning man, when you look at the variety of people that go there, when you look at this environment, where all the normal boundaries are down in every department of human knowledge and endeavor. if you ask what possible application that we have created that may be useful loud in the desert, -- what would it have an applica
environment go in with the right knowledge and the right attitude and you can see the tactical unit at the bottom there and the crisis response civil military operations center that was there to provide the command and control of those tactical units responding on the military side, this provided a perfect environment and opportunity for them to be able to interact with the civilian partners and provide the most appropriate response and understanding. very complex and again i just want to reiterate that the military, we know when we're responding in this type of environment that we're not coming in with the heavy capability and saying don't worry, we're here to help you and take over, we're here to complement and support you with the appropriate ways that you request our needs. the next few slides that i'm going to go over here shows some of the military capability and how some of those responses that we did during this exercise can also be applied at home in a domestic environment such as a response to maybe an earthquake here in san francisco. so the first part up there, you see
it in a healthy environment as all other centers are in a healthy environment. is there anything wrong with that? the gas stations -- you can't even drive there. why would you submit little babies and children to it? people coming there to get well and the health will get worse. she submitted a paper to tell you what it's like, how it does, how it stops the blood flow. it meshes with the memory. people have a hard time and they can't get a education because the heads are messed up and they have toxins. there was a lawsuit where they won and the children were born with deformities because it's so toxic there. blind, can't see, arms, legs, fingers. some look normal but they're not. please, please help us to come together and not allow this, and put the center somewhere else. we really need it. like she said we should be the healthier community in the state of california but we're not. we're asking and pleading for you to do the right thing in god's name . >> good afternoon. katie hawkins o quarry. lifelong resident in district 10. i attended all the meetings before they put the wastew
, if you follow the metaphor that bullying is a systemic virus, then the environment has to change so the virus cannot grow and the only way the environment changes is if youth and adults begin to speak with one voice about changing the social norms that allows it to happen. it makes sense to most of us, you have it khaifrpb the social norms. we must educate. but we must go beyond thinking more rigor will get us better achievement. we have to remember a school is a community and in a xhuept, people look out for each other. they've got each other's back. how do we begin to promote that idea that we are in this thing together? we believe it's through, unfortunately but truly, self-interest. kids are driven developmentally by the desire to fit in, to belong, to be part of an affinity group. if we can capitalize on their desire to look out for their friends and give them some more tools and opportunities and support, they will begin to do what we need them to do to at least confront it in their own small cell of social influence and the compounding and leveraging of that begins to mak
the shop. let's sit on the floor. let's play foosball. but if you let people loose in an environment -- people will always give to a greater gift. it is just a principle. if a group get together to give a gift to an entire city, it is easy to find people who will give to that. and the consequence is, you can learn a lot. talk about a networking opportunity. but nobody ever went there to network. they went out there to give their energy, imagination, their heart to something. >> there is that collaboration, the cross-disciplinary thing that happens out there, but i also feel like there is a bit of a sense of competition. people are trying to outdo each other, try to outdo each other trt impressive thing. >> that is human nature. i read a few years ago somebody complaining, i remember the good old days. you could put up a pink flamingo in front of your tent and it was cool. now with all of these big projects, i feel few tile -- futile. well, they learned the wrong lesson. the interesting thing is, people say that they are connected, but in an environment like that, it is easy to get co
children. but in this environment, some of the things that i have experienced there, we anticipated but you cannot walk away from. to have to step into the fray. tavis: what kind of resistance are you getting to these changes, and where is that resistance coming from? >> and initially when you look at the students, that was the initial push back. they were comfortable with the rules -- because they did not think where there were coming from. they saw as control. over time, they understood it was about the culture of the school. if you ask me about the resistance now, it is more external and internal. most of the resistance we have comes from the community. and there are a host of reasons why that happens. the charter movement in new orleans has been expensive. and in many ways, the community feels pushed out. a lot of the teachers who had taught in the community and from the community are no longer teachers there. from their vantage point, a lot of outsiders are coming in to run the schools. it creates some bank and animosity. -- some angst. tavis: i was working on a special called educatio
of the way that we are operating ourself and always help from the market environment also cooperating with you so you can make a one plus one equals three equation so you can look for those plus equations. i did have a couple of questions in terms of the cruise passenger facility is that per passenger? >> that is right >> what will be the charge that you are thinking? i know that it has not been formulated? >> i think that it could be anywhere between $3 and $5. other, we are following a standard implemented in seattle and san diego. each of those ports actually implemented charges to pay for the gang way and for san diego cruise's terminal. for us it is just a matter of how long we want our debt how long we want until the debt matures and off of that willingness to pay by the customers. so we received positive feedback from the cruise lines indicating that they did not think that it would be a hindrance. >> and it is part of the over all cruise fare or they actually outline it separately to the passengers for $3, to $5 that is not something that you will have a line item on your bil
of bay area governments are about to release the environment impact report on march 22 nd a 55 day public hearing period there will be a public meeting around the bay area one scheduled in san francisco that we'll make you aware of and perhaps an authority board likely here in april there's information available on the one bay area dot org website and we'll post information on our website as well once it's available. it's critically important for projects to move forward this is the 2013 transportation plan and improvement up date this is basically like your driver's license. particularly if it's a significant project the last was updated in october 2010 so this is a really big update to align the projects to match them with the draft regional transportation plan that's going through the works and i just want to call it -- we spend hundreds of hours working with our city operates making sure that every project is in there. now we actually have a little money. we have released our annual call for projects for the newer members of the board. sponsors can come in at anytime of the year.
radiation decreased by 40%. they estimated half of that. they suggest wind, rain and other environment. >>> people in north eastern japan are reminded daily of what they lost. the earthquake and tsunami took away loved ones and communities. survivors are moving ahead, but they still face obstacles. "newsline" will bring you their stories. don't miss path to recovery, two years on. >>> the man who could soon head japan's central bank is speaking to the diet. he's facing members of the lower and upper houses who have to approve his nomination. which house is going to be harder on him? >> the upper house is thought to be more hard on him because it's not controlled by the prime minister's party. you might remember that the stil members of japan's largestd opposition democratic party will likely endorse the nominee for central bank governor clearing the way to succeed as head of the bank of japan. it was ground breaking for the bank of japan to declare its intention to meet a 2% inflation target. he said achieving that goal promptly would be his most important mission if he becomes boj gov
their families or environment they grew up in. i am cognizant of that, having grown up in public housing. and to get better. and to try to do that with the public housing residents now. to give hope to them. no matter where they are, sunnyvale or potrero. but to work with the families and it's not just brick and mortar. i want to give you my personal thoughts of bringing everyone together. it's worth it. it's worth every ounce of our energy to really fill in all the gaps. what makes me the saddest is when diag, and i and police chief suhr get the texts on the mornings where we see a victim of crime. and what i usually do is put a face on that. and i get characteristics. young black male. hispanic male. victim, 2 a.m. gunshot wound, sf general, did not survive. and i try to put my own face on that, which is the kids that i see that we try to graduate up. or middle school kids that i would have seen. what could i have done for them. whether some counseling or guidance. or some support to the family. and we can be very creative in this effort. we can show the country by coming together we c
. one issue that has created disharmony between citizens and politicians has been the environment. we showed you earlier in the week how people are turning to high-tech masks to deal with the bad air in beijing and elsewhere. but the growing number of chinese also are worried about the water they drink. in 2011 government officials tested ground water in 200 cities and they found the quality was relatively poor or very poor in more than half of them. they reported that contaminated water is behind a surge in cancer cases in more than 200 villages. many blame illegal dumping by factories, but as nhk world's michitaka yamaka reports, they feel powerless to do anything about it. >> reporter: shandong province, eastern china, it's a region with a strong sector and mineral resources which have led to industrial development. about 82 meters southwest of the province of jinan lies ginhan. its population is only about 600 but last month it became famous throughout china for all the wrong reasons. chinese media are reporting that the paper factories in the village are under investigation after
to be placed in an environment that is not well, that will not benefit them in the long run? as my children get older and as they grow older we want them to be well and we want for them to be treated -- no, let me finish talking okay. i know you want to speak. in short i am really just asking that we consider a new location. that we consider the children of the bay view hunter's point area. that we sit here and really acknowledge the fact that this place is a toxic environment and why would you want to send children who are defenseless against the toxicity there. i am asking for all of you on the panel and sitting behind me to reconsider putting anything that would be for the use of children in that area. thank you. >> excuse me. those of you standing at the door i have to ask you again to move to this side of the room and clear that space. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is veronica shepherd. i work with the bay view wellness center and born and raised in the bay view. sorry. i also want to reiterate what the previous speaker just spoke. this is not about the services of wel
-d environment and it gives them the flexibility of having convenience. it addresses transportation difficulties from mainstream outpatient treatment and it gives them the opportunity to access resources for their recovery process anytime that they choose. our virtual world program is for the adolescent, age ranges from 18 to 28. and it's online, virtual world counseling, so you can do individual sessions as well as group sessions at your accessibility. so anytime that you are available to do sessions, it's kind of at your fingertips. our premise has not ever been that virtual treatment would be better than traditional treatment. it has always been to be able to provide treatment to those people that have bahriers to getting traditional treatment. there's many clients that are unable to access traditional treatment, especially if they live in rural areas. maybe they live 40 or 60 miles away from the nearest treatment facility. maybe they have lost their license because of a dwi charge or maybe they don't have a vehicle or can't afford a vehicle, can't afford gas money. so we found a
to do that is to create a very productive environment for doing business. because if you can be productive you can compete and you can pay a good page. that is the iron law of the marketplace. what's happened is that the american environment, business environment, has eroded to the point where i think we are losing some of that competitiveness. that has led to the consequences we talked about earlier. >> rose: so you've got an eight-point plan here to restore american competitiveness. item one: ease is immigration of highly skilled individuals starting with international graduates of american universities. you're not the first person to talk about this. >> this is -- again, every one of these eight points, charlie, are pretty much agreed to by almost everybody. >> rose: in fact, you said an interesting thing. some people look at this and say "we've heard that before" you say that's a compliment. >> that's a compliment. absolutely. that means that we have wide agreement among lots of different people on the left and on the right and in the academic community about doing these
in the area of social security, medical care and the environment workplace safety and the public order affects people's vital interest. as some people still leave a hard life and there are many systematic and institutional developed in a scientific way. the transformation of the government sanctions hasn't been carried out and some areas are prone to corruption. some of these problems have been over time. while others have emerged in the course of economic and social development. still others have been caused by inadequate sees -- inadequacies and the government work. we should have a strong sense to work with people to discuss these issues more quickly in order to reach people's expectations and never let them down. [applause] >> second, general requirements and the macroeconomic policies and the social development. at its 18th national congress the party reviewed its work in the previous five years and historic achievements set forth of the objectives of the moderately prosperous society and deepening reform and opening at an all around way laid out an overall plan for advancing the cause of
their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ . >>> welcome back 6:25 is the time. customer found a dangling noose on the store at first and main. they fear it was intended as a hate crime. police plan to review surveillance video as part of their investigation. >>> water-main break in san francisco is being blamed for three new sinkholes and the whole city is a constant risk for more sinkholes. thousands of gallons were flooding the area and since then new sinkholes have appeared. engineers say sinkholes could happen all over the city and most of san francisco is built on top of sandwich easily can giveaway. right now they don't -- san which easily can give way. they are moving ahead to require seismic upgrades all over the city. yesterday they are giving permission to upgrade buildings to withstand bigger earthquakes. it will be up to the city to determine which of the building will allow improvements and they are approvi
to investigate? >>> i think it is sad. they are bringing music to a community in an environment that is safe. >> his fight to honor his son turns into a city showdown. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >>> lots of plus the trags in the city of los gatos after a benefit is canceled over zoning issues. for years the local guitar shop has held concerts to raise money for those in need. not anymore. the event unplugged by bureaucracy. george kiriyama is live where they're asking the city to pull some strings. >> reporter: his mission is to help other parents. eight years ago when his baby boy died, he was inspired to raise money by holding such things as concerts. tonight they're planning for his latest event just got more challenging. >> i decided i wanted to d
't believe in that. we mean that every classroom, every school environment should be a safe environment where everyone is welcomed regardless of who you are, regardless of your ethnic background, sexual orientation or cultural background and we don't couple that with behaviors that kids will display. and the other thing in terms of context that i want to make sure is clear and i didn't am happy you're here and we are fighting a battle against pop culture and the messages they receive on tv, logging on to the facebook page, logging on to all of the social media that is out there, think how many times in pop culture they refer to someone as "their little b, or little n" and that's just the way we greet each other and for someone that entered school only speaking spanish and you think about the language issues and in spanish i can tell you a whole bunch of terms that people use to great each other that are so racist, homo phobic and have a length and accepted as accepted and we need to work together and we're dealing with a culture we are trying to shift and in san francisco we are proud
of access to the humanities that urban environments provide, we have a better shot at than, say, other places where large distances have to be traversed in most american cities to kind of get to the places you want to get. here in san francisco, we have been blessed by the geometry where our trips are short where 40 years ago we realized that this was the way we will have to kind of meet our future. the iron call part of that is at the same time europe also discovered that and they made strides to towards actually implementing these alternative choices, we have found it very difficult to kind of wean ourselves from the convenience of being able to. i say it is still convenient to drive. as long as the alternatives are not just as convenient, we won't be able to make our case about our travel modes as contribution to the detriment of the environment or to the detriment of our health as we all know the sun is by date getting madder at us and angle grier at us and we are getting fat. we got to do something about it. this is the time to do it. we have the best opportunity here with these f
and the needs of the community and the potential damage to the environment as well. >> city officials say that nonprofit organizations have reached out to the people at the encampment, trying to get them in housing. others do not qualify, and some do not want to go b at this time, there's not enough beds in san jose to house the homeless. >>> senator mark leno drafted a bill that required the county to pass a resolution before a gun show could be held at a county facility. the bill is the latest in many attempts to ban gun shows theity palace. in 2009, then governor removed the ban. >>vatican officials said that the search for a new pope will begin next tuesday. it will start with a mass to pray for the new pope and then the cardinals will go into the chapel where they will take a vote tuesday afternoon. the magic number for a person to be elected is 77, that is 2/3 of the 115 cardinal electors, if know pope hits the magic number, then they will take two votes in the morning and two in the afternoon every day until a new pope is elected. >>> the funeral for hugochaves is under way right n
to survive in the environment and they can but they have to appeal to their customers because of service or other goods that they stock and what happens when you don't allow a major firm into an area they will probably locate close to the area and possibly daly city and other places and people do drive to specific places. an example of this is target. when target was not in san francisco people would drive as far as they had to do shopping there, and this is also true to some degree for hardware stores. i think there are a number of people i talked to inside and outside of san francisco that appreciate the quality of orchard supply and they do their shopping there, not exclusively, but often for certain items that do, so i think it's kind of shortsighted to not approve it or possibly at least allow another site in san francisco. it might be necessary to be down on bayshore boulevard where there are other box stores. maybe this isn't the best site but as the speaker pointed out it's a huge site and it's going to be a huge operation or sit vacant. the other thing is formula employers
environments along fourth straight. there is something about an nc district that allows for a fine grain and, fine tuning district that you want in your neighborhood which is what we love about our neighborhood commercial districts and the good thing about the district is that you can't have commercial specifically stores on the bottom and the residential above. which probably makes less sense in this part of soma so we want to come up with some kind of hybrid and fine tuned retain on the ground floor and allow the office use up above. >> finally we want to talk about the potential for having no housing in the area that is currently zoned the salaries from 4th and 6th. from soma. we recognize that the potential can conflict with the entertainment and push out smaller commercial uses. moving forward and we can continue the conversations making sure that we are covered for the environmental and we can have the conversation with the community over the next couple of years. so another issue that came up that i could probably think about, which was too long for tonight but very important to us is
report said keystone pipeline would not have a significant effect on the environment. so let environmentalists push back. the president has run out of excuses and it's time to improve this thing. here now is sabrina fang of the american petroleum institute. my panel is still with with us. is this it? tu do you expect mr. obama to sign this thing? >> we're hopeful, larry. as you mentioned, the report that came friday showed no significant impact from the pipeline. it's his fourth report in more than four years. we believe keystone should be built for the reasons we were saying. energy security, jobs. the eis found out this project will be creating thousands of jobs. that's what we have been saying all along. we don't have any idea why the president is delaying. >> secondary and tertiary jobs would be a couple hundred thousand. >> that's right. >> when you're through with the transportation and supplying. so what the state department said -- again, this is not new. no significant damage to the environment or no creation of greenhouse gases. they passed the nebraska test. we had
about why the cd vs good but in terms of how we change the environment it's more than just changing the city's atmosphere the real magic is because we do all these things but it changes the feeling people have a of a neighborhood it gives them a great sense of belonging. it's what cv ds are important. i want to thank supervisor wiener and the mayor because the atmosphere is very important >> i want to thank if you could say just a couple of words? well, thank you very much for coming out today. i want to thank the supervisors and thank you to lee a for leading the community districts. congratulations on the moscone expansion i know it was a lot of work for you. and i want to say that she is leaving her post and we have a new person coming on board. thank you for the report and all your work. thank you so much. >> i want to welcome everybody. i'm from kiss fm and the voice of your san francisco giants at the park. we've got to great program planned for you today and keep that energy up. and thank you to lincoln high school. this is going to be a very exciting day as mayor lee and t
about in a network world. we're are in this environment and network participatory environment and our students need the tools. they need social emotional learning is a key tool and technical and literacy and media is behavioral so this has just been a fantastic day. thanks to all for coming and thank you everybody. i just want to share one piece of data which i don't understand completely. maybe our friend from facebook can explain, his twitter colleagues what they do. a hash tag was created and "stop bullying sf barb and hash tag and generated 3 million personal impressions and 1.3 million followers within the last 24 hours. [applause] isn't that incredible? we talked about some of the dangers in social media today and i guess that's part of the beauty of social media and the video is part of that as well, so on behalf of all the childrens and families and parents and communities in the district i want to thank everybody for coming for all the work that you do. i feel optimistic in all of work that you do. thank you and go forth and do great work. >> bonnie banks. bonnie banks
a satisfactory environment. we've heard that it will provide traffic problems. we've heard that san francisco may create emergency assess problems fire assess and safety will be improved and improved emergency vehicle turn around. that san francisco fire department has reviewed our project on multiple coordinations and have found everything to be within standards and another comment is that crestline drive is the longest cul de sac but we're able to identify upper terrace is on a interesting equivalent it's longer and it has more than doubled what crestline has in addition to my project. so the implementation that a project such as otherwise within a cul-de-sac is not true. i'd like to say one more thing. we made the decision to pay the fees to allow the housing department so more adequate use those funds to make more effective and efficient use of those funds. i thank you. i'd like my architect to join me >> commissioners. can i have the overhead? commissioner my name is a toby and i've had the privilege of working on this project for 10 years. i felt that in the 10 years and change of oirp we'
straight about 10 years ago. -- 7th street about 10 years ago. the environment is huge. it is stronger than willpower. surrounding yourself with artists, being in a culture where artists are driving, and where a huge amount of them is a healthy environment. >> you are making it safer. push, push. that is better. when i start thinking, i see it actually -- sometimes, i do not see it, but when i do, it is usually from the inside out. it is like watching something being spawned. you go in, and you begin to work, excavate, play with the dancers, and then things began to emerge. you may have a plan that this is what i want to create. here are the ideas i want to play with, but then, you go into the room, and there maybe some fertile ideas that are becoming manifest that are more interesting than the idea you had initially set out to plan. so there has to be this openness for spontaneity. also, a sense that regardless of the deadline, that you have tons of time so the you can keep your creativity alive and not cut it off and just go into old habits. it is a lot like listening. really listening to
is we live in the city and your fortunate to live in a environment but it is true that this was always planned going back to the 1960s. but planning commission and a couple of different occasions authorized this on the lot. we don't have a lot of opportunities to develop homes for families here. when we do talk about families i mean, i live on off of - the parents on my street put cones in the middle of street to kind of help with the congestion so the kids can play in the street on saturday. it would be lovely if they didn't have any cars on the street which is the nice luxury that people have in this neighborhood. i understand when you hear the general plan that everyone thinks particularly of their neighborhood. but we have a larger charge at looking at the city as a whole. and the reality that we have people moving here and we can't prevent people from moving to san francisco and housing prices are all an all-time high. i have a friend who has to look in the million dollar rage. do you live in a 3 unit building do people live above you? so there's a rile need to provide this type o
for human and environmental health. lead addresses five categories that enhances environment. indoor air quality, energy, water, materials and resources, and sustainable sites are the five categories for the lead. you can go for several gold or platinum certifications. >> the city wanted to be silver lead status. . maybe gold was a stretch. and people said, if we're going to be a sustainable organization that the pucs this has got to be the top of the line. it's got to be a lead platinum building. what does that mean to us? we run water, power, and sewer. so, those are some of the biggest things involved in lead platinum. ♪ ♪ >> by late 2008 the project, as we got the contractor on board and we were able to start pricing it, we're a multi-, multi-, multi-million dollar over budget. >> the story a lot of people don't know after we got select today do this project, the first price we came in with was $180 million. and the city said, you know, this is a great building, but we just don't want to spend that much money. so, the project was on the verge of being canceled. >> if you're looki
response at the local level, and then herding all the cats that are in this pretty complex environment and trying to get them moving in a common direction. >> general baldwin? >> first, i'm very, very encouraged at the direction the department of defense has taken in changing the way that we do support the civil authorities. and the evolution, the problem that came out of the l.a. riots that were highlighted during hurricane katrina, we had two milltrix out there, the active force and responding. with changes in the law and changes in focus and direction we're starting to fix a lot of that and come together as one joint team to be able to better serve the people here in the state of california and the rest the nation in times of disaster. but there is work that needs to be done. first, we need to find a way that we can share capabilities that are resident within each of our organizations. as the commander of the army national guard you would think i know what forces are available in the army reserve in california. but i don't. i don't even know who their general officers are. i have no
environment and so as we are looking at the controls and look forward for the areas with the taller buildings and taller than say 65, and we are really keeping this in mind and as well. we talked a bit about, people's concerned about weaving some of the fine grained fabric in the diversity of the buildings and the funky mixture of small and large and what can we do to preserve that diversity and moving forward. >> the first obviously is to preserve the historic resources we have the benefit of having the south of market survey completed a while ago, we have identified all of the major resource and identified the opportunity to expand the south end of the district to take in more properties that should be part of that district, and moving beyond the individual buildings how can we preserve and especially those that are outside of some of these districts. we are looking at expanding the transferable arts program which is right now in the c3 district to include this central corridor area so that historic buildings can sell tdr, possibly not just within this area but to the broader downtown, to,
the benefit of two city projects ongoing right now in dense urban environments both the terminal project and the central subway project and one with deep excavation and under a tunnel and we will be working with the m ta and the agency to find out their lessons learned and with respect to the pedestrian control and use all of the effective measure that is those programs have used on this project during the planning phase we will include all of those within our requirements for mitt gage and then we will go on and regularly monitor that administrate gages plan and report to the community so they can see that the contractors are in fact holding to all of the mitigation plans as it relates to the public and the cracker staff. >> well that is very good but i live in a community where there is currently construction going on in the streets and there is no dust control there and i have to wash my car and clean my car often because of all of the dust not to mention the house and the windows who pace for that? >>> again, i don't know who's in charge of your project. i can try to find that o
to concentrate and learn. so a school safety environment is no. 1 and we know that when you have that safe environment it's backed up by respect and trust, students will learn better, they will attend school better and academically they will do well and socially they will do well. so socially we're very concerned about implementing at the ground level these laws tom has led the way in enacting. >> but there are a lot of people who don't think this is an issue, unfortunately, sadly. i know you are a big believer in this in mental health and good physical health and the link to academics. could you talk about that, please? >> all the research points to having a healthy school environment, having health in your life, many students, a quarter of our students in california have poverty, a quarter of our children have no health care. what was a million students a year and a half ago is now a million and a half. when you have good nutrition and good health, you will learn better. it goes hand in hand with good mental health and a good school environment. the research points out, we want our k
kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪ >>> by now, tens of millions of americans have had enough of it. all the same they are getting more of it. more snow, rain, deadly roads and washes coastlines out to sea. about to get dumped on by a storm system that is leaving it's icy mark. more from brian. >> reporter: a state of emergency declared in virginia as more than 200,000 people are without power. while many in the state heeded the warning to stay off loads. while others heeded the warning to stay off of ice and snow. others are reporting accumulations of over two feet. the driver of this truck was killed after his rig fell off of the cedar river. the airport remained open despite snow fall of over a foot. on the east coast maryland's bridge was closed due to high winds but not before this tractor trailer overturned because of
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